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I found this recipe for Brazilian Feijoada. Excuse me but I used the online translation services...
Tip: Change the oil, use virgin olive oil, ok?

400 g of dried meat
400 g of smoked pork ribs
1 foot of salted pork
2 rabinhos of salted pork
200 g of salt pork ear
300 g of salted pork loin
2 paios
250 g of thick pork sausages
200 g of smoked ox tongue
100 g of bacon
1 kg and 1 / 2 of black beans of good quality
6 leaves of laurel
400 g of onion and little pinprick
200 g of chopped garlic
1 cup oil
12 Bahia oranges or select
12 doses of brandy (for broth)

Cabbage to mining (for 4 people):
2 bunches of kale
10 garlic cloves,
150 g of bacon chopped into cubes
1 tablespoon of oil

Farofa egg (for 4 people):
3 cups of cassava's flour, slightly toasted
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of butter
1 small onion
1 tablespoon parsley curly and full of little pinprick
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Feijoada completa: Clean and salted meat, making the excess fat and veins, by the clearing, and putting them in sauce for 24 hours in water
2. Change the water three to four times during this period
3. Pick and wash the beans, and place the sauce for at least 6 hours
4. After the sauce, boil the meat in salted pieces intact, more or less over 20 minutes, strong on fire, playing off the water to remove excess fat
5. Boil the foot and rabinhos separately, putting the lemon, cut into four, in the boiling water
6. Place the beans for cooking, along with the leaves of laurel and two oranges, with peel, cut into halves
7. When you start to boil, add the meat goes in the following order: meat dry, foot and ear
8. Half an hour later put the language, the rabinhos and rib, and after half an hour, place the fillet, the sausage, bacon and the Paio, tending to get out and play throughout the cooking, the fat that is rising to the surface
9. Go adding hot water as necessary, taking care to always keep the meat covered by broth
10. When the beans are soft, remove the halves of oranges
11. Douro and the onion and garlic in a cup of oil previously heated in a frying pan and put in the pot of cooking
12. After two hours start to test the degree of cooking the meat with a fork, because not all reach the degree of tenderness at the same time, removing and reserving those already at the point
13. Taste the salt and make the scum to take any excess fat
14. Remove two shells filled with grains and love with a fork until a folder
15. Mix with beans and lower the fire
16. When all the meat and beans are on the point, remove the meat and cut into small pieces to serve, going back to the pot with the beans and cooking for another 10 to 15 minutes on low heat
17. Peel the remaining oranges, removing all skin and seeds and cut into pieces and not very big place in the refrigerator until the time of serving
18. Prepare a white rice, cabbage and farofa
19. Take a caldinho using 12 doses of brandy and 6 shells of the strained juice of feijoada, medium drain
20. Serve all meat cut into pieces in a regular cross and beans in a large deep dish with lid
21. The other accompaniments are distributed by caldinho sleepers and must be served as an aperitif, a half hour before the feijoada go to the table

1. Couve to mining: Clean the kale, remove the stems and midrib
2. Cutting fininha well in a bowl of cold water with salt
3. Fry the bacon in oil until greaves
4. Remove and run on absorbent paper
5. Douro the garlic in 2 tablespoons of meat soup of the frying greaves
6. Mix with cabbage escorrida and dry on a napkin
7. Refogue on fire strong, dropping with the fork, blue whiting and to make all the water evaporates
8. Arrange on a crossing and salpique with greaves

1. Farofa egg: Beat the eggs as for omelet with 2 tablespoon of cold water and tempre with salt and pepper to taste
2. Heat the butter, onion batidinha and sweeten the mix with eggs, beating with a fork
3. When the eggs start to curdle, add the flour and mix well
4. Serve more dry or wet, as the taste
5. Finally, add the parsley

The recipe it's for 12 peoples.

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